There’s no EWTD in research…

Another one of those things that I’m sure I was told before I started, but didn’t really sink in.

A few days ago, I had a weekend off.  I work part-time, so there are quite a few weekends that aren’t rota’d for work, but that’s really not the same as having a weekend off.   I went to the cinema for the first time in a year (I love minions!!), somebody cooked me a lovely dinner, I met a really good friend for coffee, and had met a really interesting girl for drinks.  It was a lovely weekend.

And in between all of those things, I read the papers for a BMA meeting this week.  I updated a couple of searches for my PhD.  (I even logged into e-portfolio, but couldn’t quite face it.  That’s one for the train on Friday night *sigh*).  My quiet drink on Sunday night generated a 12 item job list, and a Monday morning full of e-mails – I am still so cross, it’s going to have to wait until I’ve calmed down before I comment on that.

That’s my weekend off.

And I am reminded of something I heard at the BMA COMAR a few months ago: there’s no EWTD in research.

I carry my laptop with me everywhere I go.

I check e-mails, conference dates, social media for the PhD (#patientsafety, very useful, geeky though that sounds…).  Running out of data allowance on my phone sends me into a panic. I choose where I have coffee based on their internet access and my ability to fire off a few e-mails before I meet my friends.

It’s probably the least efficient way of working I could possibly have come up with.  (As evidenced by walking into the University on Monday morning, and despite spending most of the morning sending e-mails and trying to call the Deanery, I still managed to write 3000 words on the PhD).

So, next weekend, I’m going away.  Without my laptop.  For a whole weekend of sitting on the grass, listening to music, and eating cheese and cake.

Hopefully, that might re-energise me enough to tackle R&D…. hopefully.


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