Why I love my job

The last few nights have just crystallised why I love work so much.  It’s because I work with such an amazing team of nurses.  I have fantastic medic colleagues too, but when you’re the only doctor for a unit overnight, you really appreciate the people around you.

And this is why… 

Because it is so important to them that babies & families get the best care that they can that they will offer to take on more and more work to give help and support to new mums & dads; work through the night to get the admissions sorted; stay late to make sure it’s safe, and sod the the effect on their workload.

Because we work as a team, and they think I’m part of that team.  Because it doesn’t get split into “my” jobs and “their” jobs; because they trust me to talk to parents, and cuddle babies, and give feeds, and get vomit down my neck…

Because they tell me when they’re worried; if something’s not quite right; if parents are concerned; if things are changing.

Because they let me know if my plans don’t make sense; or if they’re not right for that family; or just plain stupid!  And because they’ll help me work something out that’s the best solution; regardless of the impact on their workload or their time.  If it’s the best care, then that’s what they’ll push for.

Because they expect the best.  Because they believe that anything less is unacceptable.

Because they remember I get stressed and tired and ranty; because they accept my apologies when I’ve behaved like a brat, or lost my temper, or forgotten to do something. Because if I’m really not managing, their solution is coffee and a hug and a chat.

And largely, hugely, amazingly, because they know that we’re all in this together.  


2 thoughts on “Why I love my job

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