Disconnect in the NHS

My Twitter feed this morning is making my head hurt.

Most of the people I follow are connected to the NHS in someway or another: either because they/we work in it, or because they interact with it on a regular basis. There’s usually a range of views from different perspectives (yes, that is my attempt at being diplomatic), but usually we’re talking about similar things.

But this morning? This morning the Twittersphere is weird.

The “leadership” groups and “innovators” are telling me how important resilience is, and how we all need to be shiny happy people to deliver good quality & compassionate care.

Patients/carers/clients are talking about the importance of patient-centred care; of listening (properly, not just to what we want to hear).

Junior doctors are distressed, scared, and worried about the new contract that is being imposed and what that means for us and our patients.

And NHS employers? They have a new toolkit for how to ensure a happy workforce, and a fascinating discussion about Pumpkin Spice Lattes…

My head hurts


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