Finding joy

So this is my first blog for a very, very long time. And it’s been such a long time because I have neither felt like an academic nor a paediatrician for a very long, long time.

I’ve been off work for months. I missed my Christmas on-call (which I was actually looking forward to – things are different in paediatrics). I’ve not been part of a team. I’ve been away from my patients (yes, mine) and my ward. I’ve missed discharges and departures and changeovers…

But I’m back. Very gradually, very gently making my way back. And listening (trying to listen) to the team around me.

My goal, set by my supervisor, is to find the joy in my work.

I like this goal.

I’ve just finished my first weekend on call and I have achieved:

  • Fixing a Duplo ambulance and getting a wave from a toddler
  • Giving a foot massage
  • And getting as many people out for ice cream as possible

That’s a good start for joy

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